Over time, I hope this page will become a useful resource for people who are interested in Brutalism and/or Photography.


Photography Resource:  The Barbican Estate – David Hoffman.

The British Culture Archive have an excellent piece about The Barbican featuring photography by David Hoffman in 1975 – click here to visit The British Culture Archive article

Brutalist Resource: #SOSBrutalism.

An excellent website devoted, as the name suggests, to saving Brutalist buildings across the world. I have used this extensively in my search for suitable buildings to photograph in the UK. – click here to visit #SOSBrutalism

Photography Resource : The RPS.

The Royal Photographic Society who will (hopefully), award me with an Associate distinction (ARPS), on completion of this project. Click here to visit The Royal Photographic Society.

Brutalist Resource: The Barbican Architecture Tour.

If you are visiting The Barbican and are interested in the architecture then take this tour (that lasts about 90 mins) and learn all about the Estate (and get shown where all the best view points are!). Click here to book the Architecture Tour at The Barbican.

Brutalist Resource: Designing Buildings Wiki. 

An excellent resource for details about the construction of many buldings in the world). Click here to view the Designing Buildings Wiki.