Worsley Medical and Dental Building

Architect: Building Design Partnership
Date Built: 1976
Usage: Education
Listed Building Status: Not Listed
Picture of The Brutalist

The Brutalist

My (slow) restart of this project stutted on last Sunday when I visited the Worsley Medical and Dental Building in Leeds (on the University campus) on my way back from visiting my father for the first time in over a year. This actually wasn’t the only building I wanted to visit, but as I pulled up to this building on blinked a large red warning message on by dashboard warning that the Alternator had failed and the battery was no longer being charged.

As I was 170 miles for home I didn’t fancy risking stopping and starting the car too many times (and I’ll be back in Leeds in the not too distant future anyway) so I jumped out of the car, dashed around the building snapping away (much to the benusement of a passing police officer), jumped back in the car and drove (successfully) back to home.

Turning the air-con off and then back on again fixed the alternator issue!

Is this project destined to be blocked at every hurdle?!

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