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Architect: Chamberlin Powell and Bon
Date Built: 1975
Usage: Mixed
Listed Building Status: Grade 2 Listed
Picture of The Brutalist

The Brutalist

Defoe House, Barbican Estate - Isolated

After a great splurge of activity in December…it’s all gone quiet!

Well, Christmas and some family illness have impinged on my march across the country photographing these buildings…but plans are afoot to get out in the near future.

In the meantime I have been continuing to grow the UK Brutalist map here on Google Maps which (at the time of writing) boasts 159 Brutalist locations…so something for everyone 😉 I continue to grow this almost daily so it’s always worth revisting if you are looking for more locations.

I’ve also found an interesting resource to plan walks/drives to and around these buildings which you might find interesting. My Route Online allows you to plan a walk or drive around multiple locations. You can get quite a lot free of charge, if you start paying for it I think the cost would soon rack up…but a useful resource none the less.

I’ve also been working on some images that I took on my visit to The Barbican Estate recently and do quite like this shot of Defoe House. I’ve removed the building behind it and duplicated the right hand (as we look at it) staircase to the left side to make it a more symetrical image. I don’t think this will form part of the ARPS submission, not least because I feel the ARPS submission will be a series of black and white shots and this shot works better as a colour image.

Defoe House was completed in December 1973 as part of Phase II of the City’s building programme for the Barbican site.

Anyhow, see what you think – here’s what it looked like before:

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