Defoe House, Barbican Estate - Isolated

We’re still here!

After a great splurge of activity in December…it’s all gone quiet! Well, Christmas and some family illness have impinged on my march across the country

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George Marsh / Richard Seifert

What’s In A Name?

This is One Kemble Street, AKA Space House, AKA Civil Aviation Authority House (CAA House). This is actually 2 buildings joined by a walk way…and

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The Barbican

A Tentative Start

I travelled into London on Saturday to take a look at 3 Brutalist buildings. The Civil Aviation Authority, Kings College London and The Barbican. To

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Control for PS4 and XBox1
Video Games

Brutalism in video games

Here’s a rather entertaining video about the use of Brutalist architecture in a video game, “Control” for PS4 and XBox1, that was released earlier this

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A Brutalist Laundrette at The Barbican
Chamberlin Powell & Bon

So What is Brutalism?

From Google’s Dictionary: brutalism /ˈbruːt(ə)lɪz(ə)m/ noun 1. cruelty and savageness. “exchanging one kind of social and economic brutalism for another is not what they had

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The National Theatre. London
Denys Lasdun

…and so it begins

I was awarded my LRPS (Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society) back in March 2016 and was keen to move onto the next level –

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