Terminus House

Terminus House, Harlow

This is Terminus House in Harlow. Built originally around 1975 and designed by Principal Architect J C Whitney of the Harlow Development Corporation this office

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Building Design Partnership

Worsley Medical and Dental Building

My (slow) restart of this project stutted on last Sunday when I visited the Worsley Medical and Dental Building in Leeds (on the University campus)

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Aphex Twin at Thamesmead

Brutalist Music III

From The Aphex Twin, this distopian tune and video suits well the location much of it was filmed in – Thamesmead, where, famously, some of

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Emo Goldfinger

Goldfinger’s Towers

Following on from his video about Robin Hood Gardens Jago Hazard moves onto Erno Goldfinger’s towers, the first of which is Balfron Tower and to

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